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Antipasti (Appetizers) | Hoagies italiani (Italian Hoagies) | Insalate e Zuppe (Salads & Soup) | Pizze focaccia (Flatbread Pizzas) | Cene (Dinners) | Dolci (Desserts) | Bevande (Drinks)

Antipasti (Appetizers)

anselmos_marker.png SICILIAN SLIDERS House made Sicilian meatballs topped with mozzarella cheese, served on crostini with a side of meat sauce $7.99
 dinnermenu-12.png ANTIPASTO A combination of Italian meats, fresh mozzarella, olive medley, giardiniera and specialty cheeses, served with crostini $13.99
  BRUSCHETTA House made blend of roma tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic, Italian seasoning and fresh basil, served on mozzarella topped crostini, drizzled with balsamic reduction $6.99
  CAPRESE The traditional salad with fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes and fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic reduction $8.99
  FRIED RAVIOLI Filled with ricotta, romano, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, breaded and fried, served with house made marinara $6.99
 dinnermenu-12.png ANSELMO'S LOX CROSTINI Topped with a shitake goat cheese blend, smoked salmon and fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic reduction $9.99
  FRESH GARLIC HUMMUS House made, served with fresh vegetables and pita chips $8.99
  SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP A creamy blend of artichoke and spinach, served with pita chips $7.99
  MOZZARELLA STUFFED BREADSTICKS Brushed with garlic infused butter, topped with Italian seasoning, served with house made marinara $6.99


Hoagies italiani (Italian Hoagies)

Served with a side or substitute a side salad for $1.99

anselmos_marker.png ANSELMO'S MEATBALL House made Sicilian meatballs topped with meat sauce and melted mozzarella cheese $9.99
  ITALIAN SAUSAGE Authentic Italian sausage link topped with house made meat sauce $9.99
  ITALIAN ROAST BEEF Italian Roast Beef Marinated beef topped with melted mozzarella cheese, served au jus Sciatto style (sloppy) topped with giardiniera, melted provolone cheese, covered au jus 



  CHICKEN PARMIGIANA Breaded chicken breast, topped with house made marinara and melted mozzarella cheese $9.49
dinnermenu-12.png MUFFULETTA House made marinated olive spread, Italian sausage, genoa salami and capicola, topped with melted mozzarella and provolone cheeses $11.49
  SICILIAN COMBO Genoa salami, Italian roast beef, capicola, pepperoni, fresh romaine, roma tomatoes and Italian seasoning, topped with provolone cheese and house made garlic vinaigrette $11.99
  PIZZA Topped with house made marinara, mozzarella cheese and your choice of topping, served open face (additional toppings $.99 ea)  $9.99


Insalate e Zuppe (Salads & Soup)

  PANZANELLA Our twist on the traditional salad with fresh mixed greens, fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, fresh basil, red onions and black olives, tossed with olive oil and crostini bites, topped with balsamic reduction $9.99
 dinnermenu-12.png SUMMER Fresh mixed greens, roma tomatoes, mandarin oranges, seasonal berries, red onions and mixed cheeses, topped with bleu cheese crumbles, served with poppy seed dressing
  FRESH FRUIT TORTELLINI Chilled cheese filled tortellini, mandarin oranges and fresh seasonal berries, tossed in poppy seed dressing, served on a bed of fresh mixed greens $7.99
 dinnermenu-12.png PALERMO PASTA House made with roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, snow peas, banana peppers, red onions, roma tomatoes, genoa salami and goat cheese, tossed with penne in a creamy balsamic vinaigrette dressing, served on a bed of fresh mixed greens $8.99
  HOUSE ENTRÉE Fresh mixed greens, red onions, roma tomatoes, potato sticks and a blend of cheeses with your choice of dressing $6.99

CAESAR ENTRÉE Fresh chopped romaine tossed in our signature Caesar dressing, topped with parmesan cheese and home style croutons

Add to any salad: Grilled or blackened:

chicken $4.49 • cod $6.99 • shrimp $5.99 • Pesto chicken salad $4.49

Dressings: House made garlic vinaigrette dinnermenu-12.png

bleu cheese • ranch • thousand island

honey mustard • poppy seed • balsamic vinaigrette


SOUP Ask your server for today’s selection

– Cup .......................$1.99 – Bowl ................$3.99



Pizze focaccia (Flatbread Pizzas)

1-Topping $12.99 3-Toppings $15.99 Additional Toppings $1.99 ea

Toppings: Italian sausage • pepperoni • bacon • mushrooms • jalapenos • black olives • green olives • roma tomatoes • spinach • red onions • extra cheese • banana peppers

dinnermenu-12.png THE ANSELMO House made meat sauce topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, Sicilian meatballs and mozzarella cheese $18.99
 dinnermenu-12.png MARGHERITA Traditionally prepared with roma tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and mozzarella cheese $13.99
 dinnermenu-42.png THE ITALIAN INFERNO House made extremely hot and spicy sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, jalapenos and your choice of topping $14.99
  BLACK & BLEU Olive oil, blackened chicken, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, topped with bleu cheese crumbles $18.99
  CHICKEN FLORENTINE A creamy blend of spinach and artichokes, topped with grilled chicken, Italian seasoning and mozzarella cheese $15.99
  BBQ CHICKEN BBQ sauce topped with grilled chicken, red onions, cheddar and jack cheeses $15.99
  HOT BROWN Anselmo’s twist on the Kentucky classic! Creamy house made sauce, topped with oven roasted turkey, bacon pieces, roma tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar and jack cheeses $18.99


Cene (Dinners)

Served with a side salad or side and garlic bread

anselmos_marker.png ANSELMO'S MEATBALLS Our signature dish! House made Sicilian meatballs and meat sauce, served over spaghetti or with a side $13.99
anselmos_marker.png ANSELMO'S LASAGNA House special! Layered pasta, house made meat sauce, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses $15.99
  VEGETABLE LASAGNA Vegetarian’s Delight! Layered pasta, house made marinara, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses $16.99
  FOUR CHEESE RAVIOLI Naked or breaded and baked or fried. Filled with ricotta, romano, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, topped with your choice of house made: marinara or fresh basil pesto
  • garlic infused olive oil or olive oil with Italian seasoning .......... $11.99
  • Alfredo ......................................................................... $13.99
  • meat sauce ................................................................... $13.49
  • fresh basil pesto Alfredo .................................................. $14.99
dinnermenu-12.png BAKED SPAGHETTI House made meat sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives and spaghetti, covered with mozzarella cheese, baked in a boat $15.99
dinnermenu-12.png ANSELMO'S RATTLESNAKE PASTA Penne tossed in creamy house made spicy sauce with fresh vegetables, jalapenos and grilled chicken    dinnermenu-4.png  $16.99 
  PASTA PRIMAVERA Bowtie tossed with zucchini and yellow squash, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, black olives, red onions and olive oil, topped with Italian seasoning $12.99
  CHICKEN PARMESAN Breaded and seasoned chicken breast, topped with house made marinara, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, served over fettuccini or with a side $16.99
  CHICKEN ALFREDO Fettuccini tossed in house made Alfredo, topped with grilled chicken
  • with fresh basil pesto

  ITALIAN SAUSAGE Authentic Italian sausage link with house made meat sauce, served over bowtie or with a side $14.99
dinnermenu-12.png SHRIMP SCAMPI Prepared in house made garlic scampi sauce, served over angel hair or with a side
  • blackened with jalapenos  ......................................................................... $17.99

    $16.99 dinnermenu-4.png  $17.99

  WHITE COD FILET  Grilled, blackened or lightly breaded and seasoned, served with a side $12.99
  HOT BROWN Anselmo’s version of the Kentucky classic! Oven roasted turkey layered on crostini, smothered in creamy house made sauce, topped with bacon pieces, roma tomatoes, parmesan, cheddar and jack cheeses $12.99

PICK-A-PASTA: Choose your pasta and top it with your choice of our house made recipes!

Pastas: Spaghetti • fettuccini • angel hair • bowtie • penne • wheat $.99 extra

Toppings: Meat sauce $11.49 • marinara $10.99 • olive oil with Italian seasoning $9.99
garlic infused olive oil $9.99 • fresh basil pesto $10.99 • Alfredo $11.99 • fresh basil pesto Alfredo $12.99

All house made sauces available piccante (spicy) $0.99 extra dinnermenu-4.png

Add to any dinner: Grilled or blackened: chicken $4.49 • cod $6.99 • shrimp $6.99


Insalate laterali (Side Salads)

Caesar • house • Palermo pasta fresh fruit tortellini $3.99


Lati (Sides)

Steamed broccoli • seasoned vegetable medley giardiniera • garden chips $1.99


Bambini (Kids)

10 and under…Includes drink $4.49

SPAGHETTI OR RAVIOLI Topped with house made marinara or meat sauce

PIZZA 6” flatbread, topped with house made marinara, mozzarella cheese and one topping
(additional toppings $0.49 ea)

PIZZA STICKS Italian hoagie half served in strips, topped with house made marinara, mozzarella cheese and one topping (additional toppings $0.49 ea)

ROOT BEER FLOAT Vanilla ice cream topped with mug root beer $2.79

VANILLA ICE CREAM 2 scoops with chocolate, caramel or raspberry topping $1.79




Dolci (Desserts)

dinnermenu-12.png CANNOLI House special! Italian pastry shells filled with rich cream, served with fresh seasonal berries, sprinkled with powdered sugar, drizzled with raspberry sauce $8.99
 dinnermenu-12.png TIRAMISU An Italian favorite! Layers of sponge cake in tiramisu sauce, cocoa, cream and mascarpone cheese, served with raspberry sauce $5.99
  CHEESECAKE New York style cheesecake topped with your choice of chocolate, caramel or raspberry sauce $4.99
  CHOCOLATE CAKE Chocolate lovers delight! Decadent chocolate layered cake
                                                                                                                                a la mode


Bevande (Drinks)

Pepsi • diet pepsi • sierra mist • mountain dew • dr pepper • pink lemonade

iced tea • hot tea • coffee (regular & decaf) $1.99


anselmos_marker.png Grandma’s Recipe dinnermenu-12.png House Favorite dinnermenu-4.png Spicy

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